never ending.

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i promise i'll be gentle...


Xien • 23 • he/him • asian.

Important things to note.

➳ I have ADHD, so my focus may be awful and I tend to forget stuff. when that happens, don't hesitate to nudge me if needed!
➳ I speak in mostly english and indonesian. I can understand some german and japanese.
➳ I am nonbinary bisexual with male lean and taken

do not follow if...

➳ You are under the age of 18. Does not apply to current mutuals.
➳ You are racist, homophobic, transphobic, ablelist, or any of the usual dfi criteria. I have no desire to interact with you.
➳ You are involved in a lot of dramas. (You can follow, but I probably won't follow back.)

before you follow...

selective follow back if you are white
➳ I have been diagnosed with a severe case of anxiety alongside of ADHD, be aware that sometimes it takes a long time for me to reply to DMs if we aren't close. However it isn't my intention to ignore, so please be patient!
➳ I mass RT sometimes.
➳I also sometimes rt nsfw text or nsfw context things but it is very rare that I actually rt nsfw images and the like. I have a nsfw account for that

general interests

➳ Animanga / Mobages / RPGmaker games / Novels
➳ OCs
➳ horror (wont RT graphic stuff or jumpscares. I like stories or comics.)

specific interests

Genshin Impact, Fate franchises, Arknights, Mahoyaku
➳ Witch's Heart, TCF, ORV, TWST, MXTX novels, Vtubers
➳ others that may not be listed


Childe, Diluc, Venti. All💧, but mainly zhongchi, xiaoven
Arthur, Arjuna, Merlin, Yan Qing. Bedithur and merqing
Nian, Elysium, Thorns. Thornely, mostiexu
Arthur, Owen, Cain. Central fam stan account, but i like shinoarthurheath.
➳ Vil Schoenheit, Ashe Bradley, Cale Henituse, Kim Dokja, etc


my love
Altair ♡

What are u? gay? are you gay?
Noel, Aldan, Ran, Xing, Panda
(attacka you)
Nara, Celi, Aleks
special mallevil struggle tweets section
Yandere daughter containment cell


➳ (2019. 24. 6)
Even as this world end, I wont let go of your hand.



➳ special thanks to Xing for making this layout for me and making me look like an edgelord from 2007 <3 Ilysm